The festival grounds will be open:

8.7., Friday 14:00 04:00
9.7., Saturday 12:00 04:00
10.7., Sunday 12:00 01:00

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A flat fee parking charge is collected at the parking area, which will provide you with the exclusive right to an assigned parking location. The parking fee entitles you to your assigned parking location for the entire run of the festival – whether you come for one day or the entire festival. You can make your parking reservation online in the Tickets section of the webiste or once you arrive at the festival site, on spot. If you are looking for information about our Parking Camp, you can find it under “Camping” in this section.

During the festival, cars are parked next to each other based on their arrival time. To save space and to make it easier to manage the parking area, it is not possible to request the reservation of a parking space next to your own for the cars of your friends or for any other reason. You can come and go freely during the festival with your car; but, every time you come back to the festival parking area, you will be assigned a different parking place. Both when leaving the parking area and upon your return, we will ask to see your parking card.

Parking fees:

  • passenger cars / caravans / campers / vans / buses : 350 CZK / 16 €
  • motorcycles and bicycles: 200 CZK / 10 €  

The price for parking at the festival is good for all three days and it is the same for just a single day or two days.

The above-described parking area is only for the parking of transportation vehicles and it is not possible to camp there. If you want to set up a tent next to your car, you will need to use the Parking Camp. We continue to kindly ask all of our visitors to respect the prohibition against making fires or digging any holes in the airport area. Thank you for your understanding.

Camping area

The camping and parking options have each a different level of services and amenities with a comparable difference in pricing.

Camp Village

  • this is the traditional, classic type of camping area
  • there is a use charge of  300 CZK/ 14 € per person for the entire festival
  • a reservation for a site in the Camp Village can be purchased in advance or on spot
  • access to mobile toilets, sinks, showers (there is a 40 CZK charge for the shower) and ceramic toilets (20 CZK per use)

Camp Village DeLuxe

  • this camping area is more expensive and comes with above-standard services – price is  600 CZK / 28 € per person for the entire festival
  • the price includes free access to separate container showers and ceramic toilets and free phone charging
  • a reservation (voucher) for the Camp Village DeLuxe can be purchased in advance through pre-sale agencies as well as on-site
  • the Camp Village DeLuxe area is fenced, guarded and better lit and its higher level of amenities are meant to offer visitors a more comfortable stay with enhanced security and better sanitation facilities, which will serve a smaller number of people

FestiTent Village

FestiTent rents out ready-to-use camping spots on festivals. Forget about the hassle in the car park, dragging your camping gear to the entrance or the fight with your tricky tent. Just bring your ‘festival essentials’ and enjoy your festival happening from the moment you arrive, Easy and Relaxed!

Are you looking to add a little bit of extra comfort to your camping adventure? Check out which packages are available to make your festival experience even more pleasant!

Why book a FestiTent?

  • 100% guaranteed camping spot
  • No need to drag all your camping gear
  • No need to fight over space
  • 24h/24h check-in
  • No camping stress, only bring your festival essentials

Check out prices and buy FestiTent Vouchers on the FestiTent website only.

Parking Camp

  • a special section of the Camping Village, which for this year will have only a limited capacity; the big advantage to visitors wishing to stay in the Parking Camp is that they will be able to set up a tent and camp out beside their car
  • there should be access to WIFI in the Parking Camp
  • Parking Camp electricity available – the number is limited to 50 spots
  • the price includes free access to showers and ceramic toilets
  • a reservation (voucher) for the Parking Camp can be purchased in advance through pre-sale agencies as well as on-site
  • for those with a Parking Camp reservation, upon arrival at the festival (or if purchased on site upon arrival), the Parking Camp voucher will be exchanged for the appropriate number of parking cards and wristbands entitling its holders to enter the Parking Camp
  • there are two Parking Camp options, which we are offering to visitors this year; each option is a complete visitor package – there is an assigned space with a limited number of visitors (people and tents), depending on the option selected.
  • (Fees can change for 2022).

a) Parking Camp for up to 5 persons

  • price is 3.200 CZK / 135 €
  • visitors have space (10 x 4 m) for their vehicle and up to 5 persons
  • the price includes free access to separate container showers and ceramic toilets

b) Parking Camp for up to 9 persons

  • price is 4.500 CZK / 190 €
  • visitors have space (10 x 5) for their vehicle, for up to 9 persons with the option to modify the configuration of the space by using e.g. tarps
  • the price includes free access to separate container showers and ceramic toilets

Parking Camp electricity vouchers are available online. The number is limited to 50 slots and the price is 800 CZK / 35 €. Each vehicle needs to have own cable at least 50 m long and with CEE Type E plug, 230 V / 16 A.

Opening hours for the Camp Village, Camp Village DeLuxe and Parking Camp are

from Thursday July 7, 2022, 4:00 p.m. until Monday July 11, 2022, noon

This year, there will a cafe tent with fresh bakery products and a large beer tent in the camping area, as well as enlarged offer of food and drinks.

The organizers are not responsible for the safety of your belongings in the camping area. For this reason, we don’t recommend leaving valuables in your tents while you’re away. If you want to store your valuables while at the festival, we have available a storage room.

We ask the visitors to respect the prohibition against making fires or digging any holes in the airport area. Thank you for your understanding.

Accommodation in the vicinity of the festival

If you would like to find a place to stay in Tábor or Sezimovo Ústí, you need to recognize that you will probably be staying several kilometers away from the festival site. To get to the festival site there are a number of different local bus routes and a taxi from Tábor to the festival site should not exceed 200 CZK (roughly 8 €).

You can find information about accommodations near the festival in the Accommodations section of the official website of the city of Tábor. Other sites include and the Czech-language site Accomodation in CZ. Prices generally range from 200 CZK up to 1.500 CZK (8 to 60 €) per person per night without breakfast.