Again this year, you will have the possibility of having a nice and soothing shower. Newly access to traditional mobile toilets plus ceramic toilets and showers is in every type of camp.


We want to make sure there are an adequate number of portable toilets in the festival area, and they will be cleaned at regular intervals. Portaloos will be distributed evenly around the festival grounds and the camping area. Ceramic toilets will be available in Camp Village, Camp Village DeLuxe and Parking Camp for free. If you happen to find an unclean toilet, try looking for one in another part of the festival grounds as the toilets are cleaned every day in rotation, one by one. In any case, we recommend you bring your own supply of toilet paper.

Wash basins (sinks)

There will also be portable wash basins both in the festival area and in the camp. Depending on the type of water they provide, they will be labeled either for service or drinking water. Wash basins are supplied from portable water tanks that need to be refilled from time to time. Therefore, if you come across an empty water tank, try using one in another part of the festival area.

Litter bins and waste containers

There will be a sufficient number of litter bins and sorted waste containers at the festival. Please help us keep the festival clean and tidy.

Information booth

You will get all the latest information about the program and any changes to it and other events going on at festival site. You will also find information about bus and train schedules, weather forecasts and more. The information booth will also function as the festival’s lost and found. Each visitor can request a free printed festival program at the info booth.

Festival management

Security Service

To ensure the safety of festival visitors and the smooth running of the festival, a security service will be onsite. We want to make sure everyone has a wonderful festival experience and we expect the security service personnel to act accordingly – and we are asking all visitors to act accordingly as well and to respect the rights and interests of other festival attendees.

First Aid

There is a medical team on duty round the clock. In the event of an emergency, please contact the organizers at the Mighty Sounds emergency hotline: +420 776 504 644. This number can be used to request first from our medical team, but please note that it is only available during the Mighty Sounds festival and only within the festival area!

Throughout the area you will also find location signs called rescue points. These can be used to quickly let our paramedics know your location.

In the event of an injury or emergency outside the reach of our medical service, please call 155 or 112. Protect your hearing from excessive noise and your skin from too much sunlight. Ear plugs are available at the merchandise tent.

Luggage storage room

The Mighty Sounds luggage storage room will be located within the camping area and will be open NONSTOP Friday 14 – Monday 12:00. The same timeframes will apply to the bicycle, motorcycle, etc. storage.

The services and fees are as follows:

  • lockers – a safety locker can be rented for 390 CZK  (plus a 100 CZK refundable deposit for the key)
  • shelves – the attendant will store anything into the depository shelves for 80 CZK; if you need to access your stuff and then deposit it again, you will pay another 80 CZK
  • phone and tablet charging – 80 CZK for one recharge
  • motorcycles or bikes – 200 CZK for the entire festival
  • Alcohol test – 60 CZK
    Presale for your locker: https://goout.net/cs/mighty-sounds-2024-safebox/szignfx/


You will be able to buy band-merch in the official Mighty Sounds merchandising tent. However, we cannot say whether or not a particular band will be bringing any of their own merchandise. The bands may just have t-shirts or other similar types of clothing for purchase – we also won’t know what the prices will be ahead of time. All of this is entirely up to each of the individual bands. Besides band-merch, we will also have for sale the unique Mighty Sounds Festival official merchandise. Apart from the above-noted merchandise, the merch tent will be selling earplugs and cheap, bottled drinking water.

Lost and found

If any of our visitors find or lose something while attending the festival, they should turn-in found items or inquire at the information tent about lost items. Anything items that remain unclaimed in our lost and found after the close of the festival will be posted on the festival website and the owner of the items will be able to make arrangements for the items to be returned to them.

Festival guide

Again this year, we are handing out to visitors a free, printed Mighty Sounds Festival guidebook. The guide will contain a map of the festival grounds, a bands running order, general organizational information and any other important information that we can think of that might come in handy.


Each year we try our best to bring you a number of different food and beverage options – lots of variety, specialty items and the best quality we can find. Sadly, it is not possible to bring your own food or drinks into the festival’s grounds – except for bottled water (plastic bottles).