I’m going to Mighty Sounds

Where the hell do I find Mighty Sounds?

The Mighty Sounds Festival takes place on the site of a former airport – the place is called Čápův dvůr and it is close to the attractive city of Tábor, Czech Republic. Tábor is named after Mount Tábor, which is believed by many to be the location of the Transfiguration of Christ. However, the name is quite popular and today means camp or encampment in the Czech language.

Ummm, alright, where the hell is Tábor and how do I get there?

Tábor is located in the region of South Bohemia and is about 120 km south of the Czech capital, Prague. Tábor is about an hour’s drive by car from Prague. It is also easily reached by either train or bus. The trip takes about an hour and a half and will cost you no more than CZK 150, which roughly equals to € 8. Speaking from experience, we’d recommend taking the train.

Where do I find information about bus and train schedules?

Go to IDOS – it’s a site that compiles train and bus schedules in the Czech Republic. Switch it into the English language and you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

Going from Prague to Mighty Sounds, where should I get off the train?

Get off at the Čápův dvůr station. It’s within a stone’s throw from the festival site so no worries, you won’t get lost. Plus it’s a safe bet, all the trains will stop at that station from Thursday, Jun 22 through Monday, Jun 26, 2023.
More Info: INFO: Transportation- By Train.

What are my best options for accommodations?

Your number one option would be to bring along your own tent and put it up in the festival grounds camping area. Camping is subject to a minimal charge of € 32 and you will be able to leave your car at the parking area for a low fee (see below). Don’t feel like dragging your tent and camping gear? Why not book a pre-erected FestiTentCheck out FestiTent here. Otherwise you may want to check out Tábor’s hotel – click here.

Do you accept euros or do I need to get Czech crowns?

We accept both currencies. It might be slightly more convenient for you to exchange some money into Czech crowns but you shouldn’t have any problem with paying in euros.

Camp Site

How soon can I put up my tent in one of the camping areas?

The camping area will be open and you can start erecting your tents as of 6:00 p.m. on Thursday – and, this is also when we’ll be tapping the beer kegs, so we can get the party started one day early. Would you rather just arrive and enjoy the beer? Then book your pre-erected FestiTent here!

Will there be a place to take a shower in the camping areas?

All festival vistiors who are stayin in camp can use ceramic toilets and showers with no limits. For Camp Village Deluxe and Parking Camp is guarantee of hot water in the showers.

Do I have to pay for having a tent?

Of course, the sky’s the limit – use your imagination.

Can I bring my dog with me to the Mighty Sounds Festival?

No. We have to ask all of our visitors to please leave their dog(s) or any other pet(s) at home. In this way you will protect your pet’s ears and your fellow visitors’ health and safety. The gravity of some incidents during past years has shown that it’s best not to allow any dogs within the festival grounds, the camping or parking areas. Absolutely no exceptions will be made and no matter how small or friendly-looking your dog is, our security guards won’t let it in. We appreciate your understanding.

What is the ground surface like at the festival area?

It’s a former airport site, with the ground covered with grass. The festival area is able to resist even heavy ongoing rain without turning to mud – but, of course, it is even nicer in the sunshine. There is an efficient drainage system designed to keep the area of the airport dry and to remove standing water.

Is there going to be enough lighting around the camping area so I won’t get lost at night?

We will do our best to provide enough lighting throughout the camping area. You should be able to have a good sense of direction all through the night.

How far is the camping area from the parking area?

The parking area is about 300 meters from the Camp Village and Camp Village DeLuxe. By separating them, we want to minimize the risk of accidents. And of course, in our new Parking Camp, visitors can camp right next to their vehicles.

Parking site

Can I park my car next to my tent?

No, there was an accident at a different festival last year at which a car ran over a sleeping girl. It’s in everybody’s interest to make sure nothing horrific like this happens at this year’s Mighty Sounds Festival. Thus, we can’t allow anybody to park their cars within the basic camping areas. In this way, we can also keep an eye on the parking area and guard your vehicles more effectively. If you want to camp out by your car, you can make use of this year’s new Parking Camp option. Its greatly reduced capacity allows us to have additional security and supervision. For more information, see the section Site, subsection Camping area.

How much does the parking cost?

The price for both a single day and for the entire festival is the same, € 25. You can buy the voucher for Standard Parking in the pre-sale for 2023 too – check Tickets section.

Where do I park and sleep if I come by a caravan/camper van?

Feel free to bring your caravan or camper van. One option is to just park your vehicle in the parking area (for € 25); but, for the reasons already stated above, you cannot drive your vehicle into either of the regular, standard camping area. In the parking area it is also forbidden to erect any tents (shelters, etc.) by your vehicle; and therefore, for the purposes of sleeping, you will need to plan to stay within your van or camper.

However, this year Mighty Sounds is making a more comfortable option available for visitors who wish to take advantage of it. This is the Parking Camp where for € 215 / € 330 campers and vans will have a dedicated 10×4 meter area in which to park. Here visitors will have a dedicated space around your vehicle. This is the one place at the festival where visitors can have their tents and shelters next to their vehicle. The price includes entrance to the Parking Camp for five people, who will also have unlimited access to ceramic toilets and showers. For more information see section Site, Camping area.

How much do I pay for parking if I want to commute every day from a hotel, etc.?

This is easy. The festival parking charge is the same for only one day or the entire festival. You will pay your parking fee for all three days in one go. The cars are lined up next to each other as they come in and due to our need to provide as much parking as possible, it will be impossible to ask for a common parking place for both you and your friends. When leaving or entering the premises, you will need to show your parking ticket.

Is there any security (guard) at the parking area?

There will be lighting in the parking area and it will be patrolled by security guards. However, as experience in life shows, your car is far from being a ‘safe’ as such and thus we strongly recommend that you shouldn’t leave anything valuable in a vehicle. You can store all your valuables in the festival camp’s luggage storage for a pocket-friendly fee.

When leaving, is there a way for me to find out if there’s still some alcohol in my blood?

Well, if you haven’t had a drop all through the festival, then you’re all set. If you have, everyone will have the option to have their blood alcohol level tested when they are leaving the festival site (by the storage area). This service is for a small fee.

Can I sleep in my car?

Of course you can. But we can’t allow you to sleep next to your car in the parking area. If you want to sleep next to your vehicle or to set up a tent next to your vehicle, we are introducing a new option this year, which is our Parking Camp. There have been serious accidents in the past when people slept next to their vehicles. Detailed information can be found in the section Site, Camping are.

Festival Area

When will the festival area itself be open?

It will open on Friday at 2:00 p.m. and on both Saturday and Sunday at 12:00 a.m.

Do children have to pay the entrance fee as well?

Younger children can come to the festival with a parent or guardian for free. It’s been a tradition of Mighty Sounds that all kids below 140 cm in height and/or under 12 years of age are allowed in for free.

Will it be possible to buy a one-day ticket for Mighty Sounds at the gate?

Yes, you will be able to buy tickets valid for the entire festival, or for Saturday + Sunday only and also only for Sunday. The prices will be announced sufficiently in advance.

Will I be allowed in with a camera?

Yes, but it is prohibited to use a flash when taking pictures near the stages.

What about bringing a backpack or a handbag, can I bring these in with me?

Sure thing! However, our security guards will check them for any prohibited items when you come in.

Is there anything that I cannot bring in with me to the festival grounds?

We have to prohibit our visitors from bringing anything onto the festival grounds that might possibly put other festival attendees in danger – such as glass bottles, pyrotechnics (fireworks), umbrellas, flammable substances or firearms or weapons of any kind. As far as food and drink goes, visitors can only bring in with them water in 0,5 l plastic bottles. And as mentioned before, there’s absolutely zero chance of getting in with your dog.

Can I return my empty beer cups?

In 2022, the cups will be returnable.

What about drinking water?

Those who don’t fancy beer or other toothsome beverages will be able to buy inexpensive plain drinking water in plastic bottles (1.5 l for CZK 20 or € 1) at the Mighty Sounds merchandise tent.

What about a printed festival guide, will there be one available?

Sure enough – same as last year! Our printed Mighty Sounds Guide will include a festival grounds’ map, the running order of the bands and everything else a visitor needs to know about – everything which a festival warhorse simply cannot do without. Best of all, the Mighty Sounds Festival Guide will be free.

Will there be a place where I can charge my cell phone?

Yes, this service is going to be available at the Luggage storage room for a fee. Alternatively it is going to be provided by Greenpeace at their tents located within the festival area, but don’t forget to bring your own charger.

Will there be more than just music at the Mighty Sounds Festival this year?

Yes, of course. We’ve always borne in mind that a bit of an extra support program and other activities won’t do any harm. We hope that this year’s abundance will keep you entertained and have something for everyone. We will keep you updated about everything in a timely manner via our website.

I gathered there’s a half-pipe ramp at the festival, can I use it as well?

Let’s leave that to the pros, the risk of injuries is way too high.


Is there going to be some sort of storage/left-luggage room?

Your tent or your car is not safe for the storage of valuables. So don’t give thieves a chance – use our depository! Services and fees are as follows:

  • lockers – a safety locker can be rented for 250 CZK on Thursday, 200 CZK on Friday, 150 CZK on Saturday and 70 CZK on Sunday (plus a 100 CZK refundable deposit for the key);
  • power boxes – smaller lockable compartment with 230V plug; rental price is 250 CZK on Thursday, 200 CZK on Friday, 150 CZK on Saturday and 70 CZK on Sunday (plus a 100 CZK refundable deposit for the key);
  • shelves – the attendant will store your items on the depository shelves for 50 CZK. If you need to access your stuff and then deposit it again, you will pay another 50 CZK;
  • phone and tablet charging using original chargers – 40 CZK for one cycle;
  • power bank rental – 60 CZK (plus 340 CZK refundable deposit);
  • charger cable rental – 20 CZK;
  • safekeeping of bicycles and motorbikes – 200 CZK for the whole festival.


The organizers are not liable for the safety of deposited items.

How safe is the luggage storage area?

Well, that’s a treacherous question. If we get attacked by Godzilla, we cannot be held responsible for your bike or backpack. But seriously, it’s a festival luggage storage area and it just cannot be as safe as a bank vault. We strongly advise that you only bring with you really necessary things (your laptop may not be that important, right?). The left-luggage room is run by a responsible staff and we’ve never had any problems there so you shouldn’t have to worry about your belongings.

Will I be able to buy merchandise of the bands that are performing?

Of course, if you’re looking for band-merch, you’ll need to check out what’s available in the official Mighty Sounds Festival merchandise tent. However, we cannot say whether a particular band will actually be bringing along any of their own merchandise or if they will only have t-shirts or other clothing. We also won’t know what the prices will be until the bands arrive. All of this is entirely up to the individual bands. However, as in the past, besides band-merch, you will be able to buy the world-famous official Mighty Sounds Festival merchandise. Don’t miss out on it – it’s gonna be a blast!

Will earplugs be available?

Yes, you will be able to buy them at the merchandise tent. Thus, if you find your tent-mates’ snoring all too much or if the music is too loud, you needn’t worry.

What if I need to hit the ATM to withdraw some cash?

There are the following ATMs within walking distance from the festival site: a ČSOB ATM by the Kaufland supermarket and Česká spořitelna, GE Money Bank and Komerční banka ATMs by the Tesco superstore.