Children under 12 year of age and those shorter than 140 cm can come to the Mighty Sounds Festival for free (accompanied by a guardian or parent). There will be a children’s play area in the festival grounds along with other activities suitable for youngsters – which will include more than just sports.

Mighteen Ticket

Kids between 13 years and 17 years may buy a ticket for the entire festival for 50% of the 3-days Ticket price on spot. We welcome visitors of all ages!


Persons older than 66 years may buy a ticket for the entire festival for 50% of the 3-days Ticket price on spot. We welcome visitors of all ages!

Discounts & special provisions for the handicapped

Persons with an impairment who can show a certificate of disability may buy a ticket for the entire festival for 50% of the 3-days Ticket price on spot. This option is available at the festival’s entrance gate only. A special provision has been made for wheelchair-bound visitors, which is the inclusion of free entry for a single companion.

Identification wristbands

After buying or showing a valid ticket, each visitor is entitled to be receive a festival wristband, which is used for identification purposes and gives them the right to enter or leave the festival grounds whenever they like. The wristband is only to be used by a single and the same person and it is not valid if damaged. All visitors are obligated to show their wristband to security service personnel when entering the festival grounds as well as during random security checks. If found wearing a fake, damaged or otherwise invalid wristband, the festival-goer will be denied entrance and/or escorted out of the festival area.


The Mighty Sounds Festival sorts its waste and garbage. As in past years, we want to ask all our visitors to help us out with this task (and to help the environment) by sorting your waste. This will also help us keep the festival grounds clean and tidy. There will be additional waste bins for sorted plastics and glass located throughout the camping area.

Emergency phone numbers

First Aid – 155

Municipal Police – 156

Czech Police – 158

Czech fire brigade – 150

ABA (round-the-clock roadside assistance) – 1240

Audio/video recording

It is prohibited to use a flash near the stages. Taking pictures with a professional camera or from the area right in front of the stage is only allowed if those persons who have received a special photographer’s pass. Photographer passes need to be requested in advance and are granted to professional photographers only.

Restrictions & prohibitions

Bringing objects that might pose a danger to others onto the festival grounds is strictly prohibited. Such items would include glass bottles, fireworks, umbrellas, flammable substances and firearms of any kind. As far as food and drink are concerned, only water in plastic bottles is allowed. As mentioned before, it is prohibited to bring dogs onto the grounds.

It is also prohibited to have a fire at the festival – either in the parking area or in any of the camping areas. No holes may be dug in the ground either – this site is used as an airport for the landing of smaller and larger airplanes. It is also prohibited to camp in the parking area. This year, for those who wish to set up a tent by their vehicle, we have introduced the special Parking Camp.


No dogs may come to the Mighty Sounds Festival. After a dog bit some festival goers at the camp some years ago, we decided we had no choice but to not to allow visitors to bring or have their dogs anywhere on the festival’s grounds – this includes both in the camping and parking areas. No exceptions will be made and no matter how small or friendly-looking your pet is, it will be denied entrance. Leaving your dog at home also means protecting its ears and your fellow visitors’ who may not like or may be allergic to pets. We thank you for your understanding.