Origin USA
Genre Ska, Skapunk
Rok vzniku
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Mighty Sounds 2023
We may not celebrate anniversaries, but we decided to have fun. Well, at a fun party directed by Mighty Sounds there must not be missing the band that brought back into the spotlight the genre of ska punk, which was floundering in uncertainty.
The Los Angeles crew – The Interrupters, fronted by the captivating Aimee, started in 2011 and accomplished a lot since then. The Interrupters have taken ska back to the top of the charts and have wrapped a huge number of fans around their fingers thanks to their charisma.
The godfather and producer of this crew is none other than Tim Armstrong of Rancid, and we can only hope that even for one – just one song, these two bands will meet on stage in Tabor. Be there.
It’s our time to take back the power