Origin SWE
Genre Garage, Rock'n'roll
Rok vzniku 1993
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Mighty Sounds 2024

If there’s one crew that the team can unanimously agree on, it’s The Hives – for their dirty sound, anthemic choruses, and explosive show that will blow your mind. These Swedish pioneers of dirty garage rock got together in 1993, and their star has been rising non-stop ever since. They kicked off with the now iconic Barely Legal in 1997 and have only confirmed their quality with every album since, which shouldn’t be taken for granted; it is rare. You’d think that after so many years, it would be hard for a band to keep surprising and setting the pace with something new taken to the next level, but that’s different with The Hives. This year, The Hives released their latest record so far, The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons, and once again, they have done the impossible.

Let’s welcome this striking group together for the first time at Mighty! See you in the pit!