Harmonogram 2017

Stage Monster Stage
Den Pátek
Čas 23:50


Origin USA
Genre Country, Hillbilly
Rok vzniku
website https://bobwayne.org
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Mighty Sounds 2011, 2013, 2017, 2023

The decadent “hillbilly” Bob, following the example of Hank III, for whom, among other things, he was often an opening act, took a different approach to country and hillbilly, and with his lyrics, he outwits many American rednecks. Not to mention, the childhood and youth of this Seattle-born guy were not exactly a walk in the park. Rumour has it that his father piddled around doing drugs, not showing up home much. This ultimately made Wayne precisely who he is. And well, his mother, a bar singer, got Bob into music – but she probably imagined the whole thing differently. Hear for yourself what the result is!