Origin USA
Genre Punkrock
Rok vzniku 1979
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Mighty Sounds 2024

California punk rock legend from Los Angeles, Bad Religion, was formed in 1980. It’s incredible that this band, which most of the Mighty crew grew up on, will celebrate forty-five years on the music scene in a few years.

The band was founded by Greg Graffin, singer, frontman, and composer of melodic lines that have become undying anthems and evergreens. Another equally important figure in the band is Brett Gurewitz, aka Mr. Brett, lead band guitarist and owner of the iconic Epitaph Records label. In the 1990s, these punk pioneers became the musical formula for the next generation of punk bands, such as NOFX, Green Day, Rancid, and The Offspring. The band released an unbelievable number of albums but only became prominent with the signing of Major Label Atlantic, who re-released albums originally released under Epitaph Records. These were the albums “Recipe For Hate” and “Stranger Than Fiction”. Shortly before the release of “Stranger Than Fiction,” Gurewitz left Bad Religion to run his label Epitaph full-time and did not rejoin the band until 2001.

Although we’ve had them on our radar for a long time – this will be their first time with us. We are counting the days till we see them at Mighty!