Origin USA
Genre Hardcore
Rok vzniku 1980
Social profile
Mighty Sounds 2017, 2020, 2024

The pioneers of New York hardcore, who have been cruising the world for over 50 years, are returning to Tábor! Formed in 1980 around guitarist Vinnie Stigma, they made history forever with the now absolute classic Victim in Pain. An intense hardcore-thrash-metal crossover fronted by the eternally energetic Roger Miret, a ton of sharpened riffs and socially critical confessions, honesty, friendship, and cohesion fully describe the crew! Agnostic Front has been bringing together several subcultures, from punk through metal to oi!. They have earned a reputation as the biggest holdouts in the scene over the years for their sincerity, constancy in music and attitude, and their lasting connection to their roots.