Land AUS
Genre Celtic Punk
Jahr der Gründung 2008
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Mighty Sounds 2016, 2018, 2020, 2024

Australia evokes many things, but only some would think of references to Irish music and its roots. But Celtic rock and its various spin-offs have fans and genre spreaders all over the globe. You can find lovers of bagpipes, mandolins, and banjos everywhere, in our homeland or even in Australia. As it happens with this music, it rarely stays within the cores of the style only. The Rumjacks, like their colleagues and pioneers of the genre, like to add all sorts of specialties to their Irish stew: rock, punk, and, in a few songs, even 2nd-wave, so few festivals can appreciate this fusion more than Mighty Sounds. At the same time, The Rumjacks have performed repeatedly at Mighty and are one of those oft-mentioned acts that fans call for to return.