Land CA
Genre Hardcore
Jahr der Gründung 2000
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Mighty Sounds 2024

Silverstein – a post-hardcore bunch from Ontario, Canada, got together in 2000. The band members link the band name with Shel Silverstein, a well-known poet, singer, and author of children’s books, whom they loved to read in their youth.

Since 2000, Silverstein has unleashed numberless albums. The latest is called „Misery Made Me“ and was released this year. They published the first four records on the cult hardcore label Victory Records, from which the guys then moved on to Hopeless Records and others.

In terms of sound, Silverstein is now much more in line with the bands releasing under Rise Records, as opposed to years ago when they were releasing under Victory Records. The music is more straightforward, melodic, and without unnecessarily complex guitar solos. The vocals are cleaner and more mainstream, yet aggressive enough. Silverstein has simply matured, and the lyrics display emotionality and poetry.

We look forward to seeing how they rock it live!