Land BIH
Genre Balkan, Punk, Reggae
Jahr der Gründung 2003
Profil der Band
Mighty Sounds 2015, 2017, 2019, 2024

The great Bosnian band Dubioza Kolektiv returns to Tábor for the fourth time, maturing like wine with each album. The boys cut the stage show like a diamond, and their rhythms can pull the crowds away. Leaving aside the Balkan roots that are pretty evident in their work, a number of global inspirations have crept into the band’s work. These include punk, ska, reggae, hip-hop, and even electronica. Moreover, this band is audible not only musically, but the guys openly say in their songs what many people, especially politicians, don’t like to hear. Formed in 2003, their discography includes 7 LPs and several singles, and they have also received countless music awards and nominations, which they absolutely deserved. Dubioza promises to be an experience to remember!