At-the-gate ticket prices

  • - the entire event: CZK 1390 (€ 55)
  • - Saturday and Sunday: CZK 1100 (€ 42)

- Sunday only: CZK 700 (€ 26)

  • Ticket types and prices:

  • I. Standard tickets

- CZK 1290 (€ 48*) – edition tickets available from 1 July 2014 until 10 July 2014

II. Backstage tickets

  • - CZK 2900 (€ 104*) – limited edition of 200 tickets available until they sell out

- a backstage pass allows you to go backstage, where you can find a backstage bar, guarantees you space for one car at the backstage parking area and also allows you to camp out in backstage camping site (for free). This parking and camping site is reserved for bands and festival organisation and includes toilets and showers.

  • III. Parking Camp vouchers

  • - CZK 2 000 (€ 72*) – car (reserved space 8x4 m for one car, 3 tents and 5 people at maximum)
  • - CZK 2 500 (€ 90*) – caravan (reserved space 10x4 m for one caravan and 5 people at maximum, electricity connection)
  • - CZK 3 500 (€ 126*) – van (reserved space 10x4 m for one van, 4 tents and 9 people at maximum)

- Parking Camp gives you the possibility to place your tent right next to your car, van or caravan. You are in fact buying designated space where you can put up a limited number of tents and where a limited amount of people are allowed to stay. You may break down the price among you and your friends. Two free shower coupons per person and free WiFi connection are included in the price.

* Please note that the euro prices shown are approximate and are based on the exchange rates valid as of the date of the original preparation of this material. The actual euro-equivalent charges at the event will be based on the exchange rates valid as of the date of the event.

Presale options

  • I. On-line presale through Czech-based agencies

The Mighty Sounds festival cooperates with three ticketing agencies, each of which provides you with a very easy and user-friendly way to purchase. Through their website, you can find, pay and print out your ticket at anytime from anywhere. Tickets are available in most European countries. The prices shown in the price chart above are final sale prices, they include both ticketing agency fees and VAT.

  • On-line presale available through:


  • II. On-line presale through foreign country-based agencies

  • a) Eventim

Mighty Sounds 2014 tickets are available through the Europe-wide ticketing agency Eventim in most European countries. Please check your respective, country-specific Eventim website to purchase either electronic or standard, hardcopy tickets. The ticket prices are in line with the prices shown above; however, a modest commission fee is added to the price.

  • Tickets currently available in:
  •           Poland
  •           Sweden
  •           Serbia
  •           Slovenia
  •           Romania
  •           Hungary


  • b) Ticketportal

Standard, hard-copy tickets to the Mighty Sounds festival 2014 edition are also available through Ticketportal outlets in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. The ticket prices are in line with the prices shown above – no other fees are added.